the first (& only) Neonatal Resuscitation Board Game

The RETAIN tabletop simulator is a team based neonatal resuscitation training game focusing on communication.

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Neonatal resuscitation training for health professionals

You are working in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), and have just been paged to the labor and delivery room. You are in a race against time. Work through resuscitation scenarios based on real-life deliveries. Make decisions, perform tasks, manage stress, and work as a team to stabilize the baby.

Retain is a tabletop simulator to complement the existing neonatal training. Retain is easily accessed on demand, helping medical professionals develop their resuscitation skills and knowledge anywhere, anyplace and anytime.

How to Play

Learn how to use the RETAIN tabletop simulator with detailed instructions, example play, and more.

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Action Cards

To work through each scenario you will perform actions. These actions are made up of 7 different categories.

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A wide-range of evidence-based scenarios, based on >200 real-life births at a high-risk perinatal center.  

Simulation Based Training for Health Professionals

Neonatal resuscitation today is cost & resource intensive, which reduced its availability to those that need it & adversely impacts skill acquisition and retention.

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